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YTMP3: Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Welcome to YTMP3 CASA! Are you tired of ads, lags, and buffering while watching your favorite YouTube videos? If yes, you’re in the right place! YTMP3 is a free and popular site for users to freely download MP3 music from YouTube. The simple UI design and the advanced technology adopted make the MP3 downloader an ultimate solution to convert YouTube videos into high-quality audio files for offline listening.

The online YT to MP3 tool is developed to convert YouTube videos to MP3 formats in an efficient manner. It helps users to download an unlimited number of music songs from YouTube and enjoy the tracks later. You can play the downloaded MP3 music anytime, anywhere.

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 with YTMP3 CASA?

The YouTube MP3 converter is pretty simple to use, even if you’re a first-time user. You can enjoy your favorite YouTube songs once the conversion is completed. To achieve that, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Visit the Official YouTube Website or App

You must first know which video you want to convert into MP3 or audio format, no matter it’s an MV, song lyric video, convert video, and more. Select your favorite one and copy the video URL.

Step 2: Go to Our Website (

Open a new tab in your browser, and type “” into the top search bar. After entering our website, you will see an input box on the main page of the site, beside which is a “Download” button. Just paste the copied URL into the box and click on the “Download” button.

Step 3: Select An Audio File Format (MP4 Format Available)

Once you paste the URL and tap the “Download” button, you’ll see a list of format options for you to choose from. Many popular formats are available on our YouTube to MP3 site, such as MP4, MP3, and M4V. So just select a format that suits your needs best and click “Convert”.

Step 4: Start the YouTube Conversion

The next step is for our site to convert the YouTube video for you. You just need to wait for a few seconds. Please make sure the audio format is correct and you can click on the “Convert” button, which is located on the right side of the format option you select.

How long will the conversion takes depends on the duration of the original video you want to convert. The longer the video, the longer the conversion takes. To make the process faster, make sure the internet connection on your device is normal and stable.

Step 5: Find the Downloaded MP3 (Audio File)

The audio file will usually be stored in the folder you set up the very first time. If you don’t set it before, then the mp3 will be seen in the “Downloads” folder of your device. You can rest assured that the sound quality won’t be compromised.

Why Should You Use Our YouTube to MP3 Converter (YTMP3)

YouTube has become one of the greatest video-creating platforms across the globe and millions of people come to YouTube for entertainment every day. They can find a variety of latest vlog videos, music videos, funny clips, streaming videos, and many more on YouTube.

So one thing led to another, many people want to download their favorite YouTube videos or extract their favorite MP3 songs from videos for offline back. The ads in YouTube videos are also becoming bothersome because they constantly interrupt the video content.

Hence, our team created this free YouTube to MP3 converter to meet these needs. The free tool helps users to convert YT to MP3 and download YouTube MP3 in an efficient manner so that they can enjoy their favorite songs offline.

Here are some features that make our YTMP3 website stick out from our competitors.

Why Sometimes You CanNot Find YTMP3 CASA in Search Engines Like Google?

Because downloading YouTube MP3 without the consent of original owners is frowned upon on YouTube according to YouTube’s copyright policies and the copyright owners also hope that people can pay to listen or download MP3 music. But YTMP3 CASA helps people avoid such payment, so the music copyright hits the site very hard.

As a result, YTMP3 has been constantly receiving warnings from DMCA, making YTMP3 CASA removed from the search engines like Google. So if you find our service helpful and want to use it for a long time, you can save our domain name ( into your browser favorites in case you get lost someday. You can also share this YTMP3 converter on your social platforms or send it to your friends or families, which will be a great support for us to bring you the best conversion service. Thanks!

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Your Questions – Answered

Q1: What is YTMP3 or YT to MP3?

YTMP3 and YT to MP3 share the same meaning. Both are short for “YouTube to MP3”. YTMP3 CASA is a free YouTube to MP3 downloader that helps you quickly convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio files.

Q2: Can I Use YTMP3 CASA on My Mobile Phones?

Sure, our MP3 converter is fully responsive. Just open the browser on your mobile device and enter “” on the search bar, and you’ll find our website. Our tool is compatible with Android and iPhone.

Q3: Is it Safe to Use the YouTube to MP3 Converter?

Absolutely. The online tool comes with an active SSL certificate to guarantee that every user’s data is fully protected. In addition, you don’t need to sign up or log in to use our service, so your personal information won’t be sent to our database. Don’t worry.

Q4: Do I Need to Install Additional Extensions or Software to Speed up the Conversion Process?

No, the feature of “fast download” is already integrated into this website. You don’t need to install any extensions or apk files, which saves the storage of your device.

Q5: Where Can I Find the Downloaded MP3 Files?

The audio file will usually be stored in the folder you set up the very first time. If you don’t set it before, then the mp3 will be seen in the “Downloads” folder of your device. Please check it carefully.

Q6: Can I Use the YouTube Converter Without Any Internet Connection?

No, to convert YouTube to MP3s, you must ensure that your device has access to stable internet. But if you already download the music songs, you can play them wherever you want, even without internet access.

Q7: Why I Cannot Convert the YouTube Video to MP3 Properly?

Yes, you may encounter some problems while converting or downloading. If you fail to convert the YouTube videos, the reason could be an unstable internet connection or an incorrect video URL.